Summer Street

What if we could add a bathroom and master suite…without building an addition to the house? The clients for this project needed a reconfigured space for their growing family, in their condo occupying the second and third floors of a house in Somerville, MA. Without expanding the footprint of the house at all, we had..

Winchester Street

What if we reimagined what a single family residential space in downtown Boston can do? This project, located in the Bay Village neighborhood of Boston, is a gut renovation of a 100 year old townhouse. With its small footprint, design-minded clients, and goal for extreme energy efficiency, this project represents creative and technical possibilities present..

First + First Townhomes

What if we could fit 22 homes on a crazy-shaped city lot? First+First is a development of 22 new single-family row houses build on a site on the boundary between traditional South Boston and the industrial waterfront. Each house has a garage for two cars, accessed from the rear and a front stoop, entryway, and mud room..

Fairmont Condo

What if we renovate a neglected condo into a revenue-generating unit for a developer in six months, start to finish? When we first set foot inside this unit, there were no floors, a few studs, and lots and lots of damage owing to the previous’ owner’s neglect. The Developer saw plenty of potential, and so did..

Summer Kitchen Guest House

What if we could transform a neglected farm building, while also respecting its historical character? This building, built in the mid-18th century, was originally a “summer kitchen” – where the family would cook meals in the summer, to keep the heat away from the main body of the house. It sat empty for decades, until..

Heron Point House

What if we added a modern addition to a traditional New England family lake house? The clients for this project came to us with a challenge we loved right away – they wanted to preserve their existing lake house, filled with memories and local materials, but it needed an update. It was bit too small..