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Balancing vision with nuts-and-bolts construction knowledge

Seeking leverage in mundane constraint

Relishing in creativity, rigor, and the creation of beautiful spaces

Being equally driven by data and delight


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what we do

Full service architectural services, from schematic visioning and feasibility through construction documents and construction administration.

Energy, vernacular architecture, housing, energy modeling, and construction research; teaching at BAC + WIT.

Visioning and consulting in construction, design, feasibility, project management, graphics, and design education

Happy clients

“We hired Marilyn to design our house, without any idea of what we wanted it to look like, but knowing exactly how we wanted it to function. We’ve been living here for six years, and it functions exactly as we needed it to, and looks great, too! When we recently decided to make a long-planned expansion, we didn’t even consider another architect—we went straight to Marilyn.”

[Private clients]


“Marilyn’s design chops are easy to see just by looking at her work. But if I had to highlight what makes working with Marilyn as a developer such a pleasure, I’d point to two things: First, Marilyn knows construction. When making constructability decisions or comparing building systems, you can rely on Marilyn to provide both a designer’s and builder’s perspective on the challenge at hand. I could always count on her for a creative solution or (even better) a couple of options. Second, Marilyn’s ability to push the team is rare. I’ve worked with many architects, and Marilyn is second to none in her proactiveness and control of the huge variety of parallel deliverables a complex project demands.”

[Jason Cincotta, Owner, Dwell Proper]

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private residential clients, developers, institutions, organizations, commercial clients

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