Small Touches

Sometimes, good design is about knowing what *not* to touch! The surgical approach to renovations can be the most tricky – from figuring out the small touches that will have the biggest impact to weighing decisions based on a tight budget, it takes a lot of discipline from owner, architect, and contractor alike. Assembling a great team is crucial! It’s also about knowing what, as an owner, you want to prioritize. This can be a tough process, and luckily, we’re right there to help you figure out your priorities. You don’t have to arrive at our doorstep with everything figured out – that’s what we’re here for!

In this project, the owner was interested in having a very special stone for the countertops. This decision ate up a lot of the budget, so they had to be ok with things like….not sprucing up this stair or *very* raw brick wall. They understood that, with a limited budget, there were tradeoffs to make – and it’s in those tradeoffs that good design can happen – like this beautiful moment of new cabinetry, fabulous stone, and well-loved stairs and exposed brick.

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