Movable Color

A little cozy corner in an addition…just because the walls are white doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with color! We love playing around with “movable color” – furniture, books, lamps, art, rugs, plants – stuff that can move around and completely change the feel of a room. Try something unexpected – like a $10 modern yellow lamp from Target right next to a family heirloom in bold teal velvet – and see what you think! If you don’t like it at first, leave it there for a couple of days, see how it looks in different lights or when you’re in different moods. It’s your house, have some fun!

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Here’s another example. The owner was interested in a very muted palette, mostly whites, grays, and walnut, but we still wanted to find a moment or two to have a bit of fun. Here, we put this bright red fixture over the dining table – a fun, low-stakes pop of color that can be changed out at any time. A dining room “chandelier” is a great place to experiment, or push beyond your comfort zone a bit, or do something bold and dramatic. It’s easy to change later, and provides an instant focal point.

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And here, in this project, a bold coverlet on the bed punches up an otherwise quiet palette. Want to change the feel of the whole room? Change out a bedspread, or a rug, or pillow. This particular blue hearkens to the same color in other rooms, which also helps tie the project together as a cohesive whole. The point is to have some fun, try some stuff, and break out from the same old colors you always do!

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