Metal Color

One of the biggest decisions we make in a project is the “metal color.” There are lots of places where metal shows up in a project, from obvious stuff like the kitchen faucet, to more hidden moments like hinges or edging around tile. Some things we keep in mind when considering metal colors:

1️⃣ What is already in the space? In the case of the project shown here, there was a lot of antique brass door hardware that we were keeping, so we needed to account for how new stuff would look with the existing. In this case, we chose to match it in color, but with more contemporary shapes.

2️⃣ Everything doesn’t have to match, room to room or even in the same room. Especially when you’re choosing a statement piece, like this faucet, other metal in the room might be quieter. Also, bathrooms, which often live behind closed doors, are great opportunities to do something really different than other spaces like living/dining/kitchen.

3️⃣ Consider how finishes age. Some metal finishes are “living finishes,” like this brass faucet, which will take on a patina from hands, water, cooking oils, etc – and that could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective!

4️⃣ Consider which finishes are more readily available, and which are not. If you choose a rare or proprietary finish for all your plumbing fixtures, you will likely not be able to find towel bars to match. Polished chrome is the most widely available, so even small things like exposed drains, flush handles, shutoff valves, etc are all available in chrome. The further you stray from chrome, the harder it is to get the little stuff to match.

5️⃣ Don’t be afraid to have a little fun! Stuff like faucets and drawer pulls are highlight moments in a project, and can also be changed out relatively easy a few years down the line if you want to. ⁠

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