Favorite Details: Shaving Shelf

Small details matter…here is one our favorites, in a shower – a toe shelf, to aid in shaving your legs! Nothing worse than getting into your beautiful custom shower for the first time, and having to awkwardly fall all over yourself trying to get things done.

Here, we aligned the shelf perfectly with one tile, so we’re not messing with our tile pattern!

Look closely, and you’ll see these shaving shelves all over our projects!

This is what custom design is all about – solving problems, even the little ones. Every little headache or annoying feature of your house *can* be solved and made better, in many surprising and inexpensive ways.

While we bring our deep knowledge of construction techniques, materials, and many houses we’ve designed over the years, we also rely on the collaborative relationship with our clients – we need *you* to tell us what drives you crazy, what you’d love to have solved, what little hassles you’re tired of.

We’ll come up with some solutions, and you’ll get the benefit of living somewhere that’s been tailored for you. Isn’t it worth doing that, in the most expensive thing you’ll ever own?⁠

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