Marilyn on “Weiss Advice” Podcast

Marilyn joins Yonah Weiss on his podcast, Weiss Advice, to talk real estate and more. Marilyn and Yonah met at a dinner in NYC with a bunch of real estate folks, and found lots to talk about – including their shared connection to Lancatser, PA!

“How do you stay laser-focused in your business? In this episode of Weiss Advice, we welcome Marilyn Moedinger, Marilyn talks about her background in construction and architecture, her experience restoring an old farmhouse that has been in the family since 1730! She shares stories from her travels around the world and how this has shaped her view on vernacular architecture.

Tune in to this episode as Marilyn shares how investing in an area you are familiar with can pay off, as well as the superpower she would choose if able!”

Listen here!

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