Construction Genius Podcast: How Architects and Contractors Can Work Together

Eric Anderton hosted Marilyn on his “Construction Genius” podcast, where they had an engaging, wide-ranging, and advice-filled conversation on how architects and contractors can work better together. We don’t have to fall into the old traps of animosity or old patterns of suspicion – let’s collaborate fruitfully instead! Highlights:

  • The “Dumb Labor” technique to master construction as an architect (4:05)
  • The “BS sniff” test for identifying when someone is lying to you on the job before it costs you money (9:55)
  • One key ingredient for overcoming “suspicion” with your partners and unlocking a smooth working relationship (20:35)
  • Why A Players never struggle finding and closing clients (and how to use this secret even if you’re not an A Player) (27:15)
  • The “informed owner” technique to avoid disasters in internal relationships (28:15)
  • Why most project relationships fail right at the start (and what you can do to avoid this) (31:15)
  • Two “Relationship Ingredients” that gets you reoccurring clients and more money in your pocket (32:45)

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