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Resources for Residential Clients

“I try to create homes, not houses.” – Louis Kahn

Your house is full of memories, laughter, and holiday celebrations; it’s witnessed your everyday moments and big milestones. It’s probably also the most expensive thing you own, and holds your part of the American Dream of property ownership. You may have had to replace some things, there may be things you are frustrated, and you may think about what you might do if you could star on one of those HGTV shows…

If you’re contemplating a renovation, an addition, or building something new, the task can seem both exciting and daunting. What will it cost? What are the steps? What will it look like? How can I be sure I’m making the right decisions? What ARE the decisions I have to make? Who are all the players – inspectors, contractors, architects, designers, subcontractors, bankers – and how much do they all cost? Do I need all of them? Who can I turn to for good advice?

At Runcible Studios, we’ve heard these questions many, many times. We’ve helped people figure out how to navigate the process, drawing on years of practical experience as Architects and former contractors. That practical experience is not only about the nuts and bolts of design, construction, and code, though – it’s also about listening. We pride ourselves on really hearing what our clients want and need, and finding a way through the maze of zoning and code regulations to bring about delightful, creative, practical, and thoroughly modern solutions to our clients.

We’ve also put together this set of resources for people contemplating a residential project, to help you discern answers and figure out the best way forward. We welcome your feedback and thoughts, and thank you for your patience as we continue to add more things.

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