Summer Kitchen Guest House

Client: Private Client
Date: 2015 – present [currently under construction] Role: Architect
Location: Lancaster, PA

What if we could transform a neglected farm building, while also respecting its historical character?

This building, built in the mid-18th century, was originally a “summer kitchen” – where the family would cook meals in the summer, to keep the heat away from the main body of the house. It sat empty for decades, until the owner decided to transform it into a guest house. As with all renovation projects in historic buildings, the question of how to balance respect for the existing historic fabric with the needs of modern life is forefront in our minds. For example, would there be a way to use the second story loft of the structure, which, as is, doesn’t have proper headroom? While doing excavation around the foundation, we discovered an older foundation, as well as other evidence that the structure originally had a smaller footprint…so, we took the original location of the ridge line, raised it, and created a new roofline that gave us a lot more headroom. We also added a kitchenette and full bathroom in a new addition at the rear of the building, keeping all new plumbing and electrical systems in the “new” portion of the building. Stay tuned…this one’s in progress!

This project is currently under construction.