Fairmont Condo

Client: Private Developer
Date: 2017
Role: Architect
Location: Cambridge, MA

What if we renovate a neglected condo into a revenue-generating unit for a developer in six months, start to finish?

When we first set foot inside this unit, there were no floors, a few studs, and lots and lots of damage owing to the previous’ owner’s neglect. The Developer saw plenty of potential, and so did we – so we got to work quickly. One of our challenges was how to get proper headroom in the 3rd floor bathroom, without adding a dormer, which would require seeking a zoning variance, adding time and cost to the project. We solved the problem by installing skylights over the shower and the sink, which not only provided the headroom we needed, it also brought light pouring into a previously dark and dreary attic. Other smart moves, such as keeping plumbing in existing locations [swapping the kitchen and bathroom on the second floor, for instance], providing cost-effective creative details to get top-dollar in the rental market [check out that custom steel handrail!], and including tons of storage, ensured that this unit rented within days of it being completed.

We worked very closely with this Developer, providing additional services – including purchasing and sourcing, creating marketing materials, and taking a larger role in construction management.

Completed project photos by John Horner.