ecoMOD 1

Client: Piedmont Housing Alliance
Date: 2004-2005
Role: Designer/Project Manager
Location: Charlottesville, VA

The first iteration of a design/build/research project at the University of Virginia, led by UVA professor John Quale. The project is grounded in several core principals: affordability, modularity, modern design, environmental responsibility, and prefabrication. A team of students designed the house over the course of a year, and then spent about 5 months building it. The house has been continuously monitored by teams of engineering students, to track and understand its performance, since the house’s owners moved in in 2006. Our client was Piedmont Housing Alliance, a Charlottesville-based non-profit developer specializing in affordable housing. End cost: $125/foot [in 2005/06]. I was the student project manager through design and construction.

More information: ecoMOD website, and John Quale’s book.