The first iteration of a design/build/research project at the University of Virginia, led by UVA professor John Quale. The project is grounded in several core principals: affordability, modularity, modern design, environmental responsibility, and prefabrication. A team of students designed the house over the course of a year, and then spent about 5 months building it...

Rockvale Log House

A gut remodel of an 18th century log house, the project calls for extensive structural, envelope, system, and finish re-work. The clients are pursuing a deep energy retrofit, in order to increase building performance, as well as decrease grid reliance. This project involves energy modeling in Diva, energy monitoring using HOBO loggers, blower door testing..

Stone House

An ongoing renovation and research project, this 1730’s limestone house is an important example of early Pennsylvania Germanic vernacular building. The house, a nearly perfect cube, has had no major renovations since the early/mid 20th century, and has most of its early building fabric still intact. The project involves a gut renovation to incorporate new MEP systems..

SOM Prize: Vernacular Adventures

The SOM Prize is given to one post-graduate Fellow to pursue research architectural, urban design, and/or landscape architectural research outside the typical methods. My research, entitled “Adventures in the Vernacular: Investigative Observations of Climate Mediation in Vernacular Residential Architecture,” focused on a series of sites in China, Korea, Peru, Jamaica, Switzerland, Mongolia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam,..

Church Lots Affordable Housing

This unbuilt project proposed placing 24 units of affordable housing along the new MBTA Indigo Line, in Dorchester, MA for the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation. Developed in collaboration with Placetailor, the proposal maximized green space by clever orientation of the units, provided a covered, street level entry for each unit, provided off-street parking in unobtrusive locations,..

Pickup Truck Prototype

What if we could turn a problem [lack of housing, lack of jobs] into a solution using architecture? A Pickup Truck Prototype: Prefabricated, Affordable, Rural Housing in Appalachia Appalachia produces vast quantities of mineral wealth, yet its people have experienced persistent poverty since the 19th century. Working against systemic economic, cultural, environmental, and political patterns,..

live[able] house

Competition entry for the 2010 USGBC Small, Green, Affordable competition, for a mass-produceable, under $100k, LEED Platinum house for New Orleans neighborhoods. Work done collaboratively with Justin Hershberger.