Border St Housing

This project, another collaboration led by Joy Street Design in East Boston, presented us with the challenge of creating a cohesive building that also speaks to the fabric of the neighborhood – individual triple deckers, often connected at street level with commercial spaces. Here, we reimagine that in a modern language, while also maintaining efficient and..

Breed Street Housing

What if we could make the unbuildable buildable, By utilizing an extreme section? We worked with Joy Street Design on this East Boston 6-unit project, which bridges two streets at very different elevations – this gives the project not only amazing city views, but also appropriately scaled facades and massing on each street. We took inspiration..


The first iteration of a design/build/research project at the University of Virginia, led by UVA professor John Quale. The project is grounded in several core principals: affordability, modularity, modern design, environmental responsibility, and prefabrication. A team of students designed the house over the course of a year, and then spent about 5 months building it...

Church Lots Affordable Housing

This unbuilt project proposed placing 24 units of affordable housing along the new MBTA Indigo Line, in Dorchester, MA for the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation. Developed in collaboration with Placetailor, the proposal maximized green space by clever orientation of the units, provided a covered, street level entry for each unit, provided off-street parking in unobtrusive locations,..

26 West Broadway

What if we fit 31 units on a lot with only 50′ of street frontage? The transit-oriented 26 West Broadway is a 46,000 square foot mixed-use development in a radically transforming South Boston neighborhood. The six-story building is highly visible from the West Broadway Bridge and the Southeast Expressway. The project contains 4,000 square feet..

First + First Townhomes

What if we could fit 22 homes on a crazy-shaped city lot? First+First is a development of 22 new single-family row houses build on a site on the boundary between traditional South Boston and the industrial waterfront. Each house has a garage for two cars, accessed from the rear and a front stoop, entryway, and mud room..